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Freeload: ZEEK – Good Intentions

Posted: October 24th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Entertainment | Add Your Thoughts »

Given our close ties to ZEEK, we’re especially excited about his latest release, Good Intentions. ZEEK’s sophomore project is a stellar progression in lyricism and ingenuity. While responsible for producing nearly the entire album, ZEEK still calls on fellow emcees Soupa, Primo, and K.I.T. to lend a few verses on featured tracks.

On a slightly different note, ZEEK’s official website is up and running. It’s the latest project by way of our collaboration with SOS BostonGraded Goods Co. You can view the site here.

Freeload: ZEEK – Cold Dr!nks

Posted: October 5th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Entertainment | Add Your Thoughts »

We’ve been working closely with ZEEK by way of our latest collaboration – Graded Goods Co., more on that in a later post. Our collaboration has revolved around ZEEK‘s upcoming project entitled Good Intentions. The album won’t be available until October 24, but in the interim, you can enjoy the first single – “Cold Drinks”. It’s a feel good track featuring Soupa of Green Street, with ZEEK behind the production.

Cold Dr!nks

Download: ZEEK – Cold Dr!nks

Video: Retrospek – Boom Bap and Beyond

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Take a seat and soak in what’s both a lyrical and visual gem from Retrospek. The video’s direction was a collaborative effort between Rene Dongo and Simeon Awosan, the latter being a member of our good friends at SOS Boston. Kudos to Rah Intelligence for the production.

Overtaken by an evil spirit, Retrospek struggles to awaken from a trance and take back their apartment…[the] dark narrative, we felt would heighten the vibe mastered in the song. It was a great chance to work with lighting, editing and story elements to create suspense. -Rene Dongo

Video: Green Street – What’s Cookin’ ft. Fresh Daily

Posted: August 15th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Entertainment | Add Your Thoughts »

Remember that footage we snagged on the set of Green Street‘s latest video? Well, that doesn’t have to hold you over any longer; our brothers at SOS Boston have just released the finished product.

DOWNLOAD: Green Street – Don’t Look Down

Freeload: BrokeMogul Mixtape Vol. 3

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Another episode of Entourage means another soundtrack/mixtape from the show’s Music Supervisor Scott Vener.

It’s Not You It’s Here

Download: BrokeMogul Mixtape Vol. 3

Freeload: BrokeMogul Mixtape Vol. 2

Posted: August 4th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Entertainment | Add Your Thoughts »

Here’s the music from Season 8, Episode 2 of Entourage. Once again, all credit due to the show’s Music Supervisor, Scott Vener. Follow this link in case you haven’t grabbed Episode 1’s accompanying soundscape.

04 Love Dont Live Here Anymore

Download: BrokeMogul Mixtape Vol. 2

The ILLZ – Darkside of The Room

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“Darkside of The Room” is the second installment of The ILLZ‘s Let it Fall series. The music video-short film hybrids dip between the tangible and the surreal, all the while evoking a string of emotions on the part of the viewer. “Darkside” is poignantly darker than the series’ first chapter.

It is the nightmare, the beginning of the decent into madness. The ILLZ finds himself in a rotting facade of a house; the house he shared with her. Trapped in it, unable to escape, this is him coming to terms with her and how she changed. They have grown apart, and as he searches for her, he finds little mementos, and her revelation signals that what she became is not whom he had initially fallen in love with. But his desire to be with her is unwavering, and he will destroy anything in his way to get to her, to have her by his side.

Directed by  Kristopher Rey Talley